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Mis queridos amigos! Antoine y Eddie #friends #puertorico #luquillobeach #friends

Leah . . Have you ever felt unloved? Rejected? Unwanted? Used? Here you go- šŸ¹šŸøšŸ· hold Leah's drink and eat her breakfast too. . . From childhood, Leah was treated differently from her sister. Even her name is translated as 'cow' . Who names their child after a cow nitoriolorun? . . I used to think Laban was unfair to Jacob. Why give Jacob a woman he didn't love? And poor Rachel-imagine being barren while your sister who stole your husband was having child after child. I never thought much about Leah. Until recently. . . At Jacob's death bed, he tells his sons to bury him where Abraham, Isaac and their wives were buried. Where Leah was buried. But where was Rachel, the loved wife buried? Yeah, Jacob was not interested at that point. . . It took years for Jacob to admit that God never makes mistakes. That Leah was not a mistake. That Rachel might have been his choice but God chose Leah. That the choice of the right spouse had nothing to do with the outside and everything to do with what was inside. That being 'tender eyed' was not enough of a disqualification for God's purposes . . Leah was an ancestor of Jesus. Rachel was not. She was the mother of Levi and Judah, priests and kings. Rach had Joseph and Benjamin, amazing men but after that, what again? That rejected, unlovely woman, unloved bride, 'not so beautiful' woman...God chose her to bring his Son into the world. What did God see that Jacob first missed? What are you looking at today that is causing you to miss God? . . Whatever your story is. Whichever and how ever many men have rejected you. Whatever no one else sees. God chose you. God chooses you. God sees you. . . For every Leah( I own that badge o), God has something in store for you, better than your wildest imaginations. And if anyone should know, I and Leah do. Take it from us 'tendereyed' women šŸ‘šŸ‘ . . #leah #rachel #jacob #bible #love #choosingaspouse #godlydating #puertorico #luquillobeach #traveler #travelgram #beach #faith #womanofgod #travel #instatravel

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