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I’m super consistent with basically everything in my life BUT I’m MOST consistent when it comes to boycotts and due to the ongoing increase of book prices in Germany I didn’t buy any new German books for almost two years now. I love #penguinmodernclassics bc they are so so affordable as the house realised (so did the French folio publishing house) that a book is a commodity and doesn’t need a binding lasting for eternity and useless ribbons and stamping and further extras. I mean yeah it’s nice to have nice books but given the extreme significance of books when it comes to cultural capital and social mobility of individuals this is more than alarming. Especially Germany has a lot of work to do regarding social mobility and rigidity of classes. HOWEVER I tried hard not to consume my body weight in paperbacks and these are my first London pickings. #baldwin #jamesbaldwin #onehundredyearsofsolitude #igreads #visiteurope #socialmobility #johnsteinbeck #classicliterature #classiclit

Olá, vamos para mais um sorteio potência aqui, eu e a Flávia vamos sortear esses três obras fantásticas do James Baldwin, que está nesta foto oficial. Vamos lá: Seguir os IGs: @fla_books | @academicoliterario . . ★Ser um seguidor ativo: curtir, comentar. Curtir a foto oficial e comentar marcando 1 (Um) amigo quantas vezes quiser ( só não vale comentar os mesmos amigos, (NÃO AMIGOS), contas inativas ou copiar os comentários dos participantes) . Os perfis que após o término da promoção dá UNFFOLOW (deixar de seguir), será bloqueado em promoções futuras nos perfis idealizadores desta ação promocional. Morar em território nacional. O brinde será enviado pelos idealizadores do sorteio. O sorteio será realizado dia 25/04 e o ganhador terá 48hrs para entrar em contato, caso contrário será feito um novo sorteio. Obss: Os brindes serão enviados dentro de 25 dias após o resultado do sorteio. E não nos responsabilizamos por extravios dos correios. Esse sorteio é de caráter recreativo/cultural, conforme item II do artigo 3 da Lei 5.768 de 20/12/71 e dispensa autorização do Ministério da Fazenda e da Justiça, não está vinculada à compra e/ou aquisição de produtos e serviços e a participação é gratuita. O ig @academicoliterario se reserva o direito de dirimir questões não previstas nessas regras. Foto Ilustrativa #leitura #livros #literatura #livro #igliterario #livrosnovos #sorteiodelivros #leia #companhiadasletras #jamesbaldwin

📢 Watch it. Stream it on Hulu. It’s criminally under-appreciated and better than half of last year’s Best Picture nominees. ❤️ #UnderratedAF #Bestof2018 #IfBealeStreetCouldTalk #KikiLayne #StephanJames #ReginaKing #BarryJenkins #JamesBaldwin

Harlem Renaissance Artist 🎨 #WeLoveBlackArtist In 1929 aspirations and the energy of the Harlem Renaissance drew #BeaufordDelaney—trained in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Boston—to New York. By the mid 1940s he had forged close friendships with novelists #HenryMiller and #JamesBaldwin and gained wide recognition for his pastel portraits of well-known African Americans such as #WEBDuBois and #DukeEllington. As comfortable with artists as with his neighbors in Harlem or Greenwich Village, Delaney conveyed his abiding love of mankind in paintings and drawings that ranged from the representational to the abstract. As for many artists of his generation, New York's urban scene attracted Delaney's eye. In Can Fire in the Park, [SAAM 1989.23] anonymous men gather near a source of heat, light, and camaraderie. This disturbingly contemporary vignette conveys a legacy of deprivation linked not only to the Depression years after 1929 but also to the longstanding disenfranchisement of black Americans, portrayed here as social outcasts. At the lower left and upper right, objects that suggest street signs also function as arrows symbolically pointing the way up and out of desolation. Despite its sober subject,the scene crackles with energy, the culmination of Delaney's sharp pure colors, thickly applied paints, and taut, schematic patterning. Abandoning the precise realism of his early academic training, Delaney developed a lyrically expressive style that drew upon his love of musical rhythms and his improvisational use of color. Works such as Can Fire in the Park hover between representation and abstraction as that style evolved during the 1940s. Neither early success nor gracious spirit spared Delaney from the obscurity and poverty that plagued him, particularly after he moved to Paris in 1953. In 1978—a year before Delaney died in a French asylum—the Studio Museum in Harlem initiated its Black Master series with a retrospective of his work, the first attempt to restore his forty-year career to public light. #TodayInBlackHistory #ThisWeekInBlackHistory #BlackHistoryofDecember30 #MfalmeHatariMaarifaVideo #BlackHistoryofMarch26 #BlackHistoryofDecember

Earlier today, this came in, right as it hits shelves. Easily one of the most beautiful looking and sounding films of 2018, If Beale Street Could Talk continues to show how essential a voice Barry Jenkins is #ifbealestreetcouldtalk #ifbealestreetcouldtalkmovie @bealestreet @bandrybarry #barryjenkins #bealestreet #dvd #dvds #dvdcollection #bluray #bluraycollection #blurays #annapurna #annapurnapictures @annapurnapics #stephanjames #reginaking #kikilayne @nicholasbritell #nicholasbritell #jameslaxton #academyawardwinner #oscarwinner #bestsupportingactress #oscarnominee #academyawardnominee #20thcenturyfox #twentiethcenturyfox @20thcenturyfox #jamesbaldwin @iamreginaking #bookadaptation #bestof2018 #ifbealestreetcouldtalkfilm #bealestreetmovie

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