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#currentlywatching on @pbs for #free ! Posted @withrepost • @mechanisticmoth Was lucky to watch #Dawnland on #indigenouspeoplesday at the #TacomaFilmFestival. The film is an engrossing #documentary about the separation of Native American children from their families and put into white foster homes and schools. It covers the #UnitedStates' history of #culturalgenocide for its indigenous peoples. It particularly follows a commission for #truth and #reconciliation in #Maine. It is by no means a comprehensive look at the problem, but it does go into detail with the few remaining tribes in Maine and how the white man's policies affected them. The cinematography was good but not great with some shots getting visually noisy. However, the content they captured is heartbreaking, honest, and memorable, making this one a must-see. It will be on PBS in November (see picture) and out on video around January. #film #movie @dawnlandmovie @thegrandcinema #educationforliberation

[La Paz] Cholitas are Indigenous Aymara and Quechua women of Peru and Bolivia. Their traditional clothing and accessories worn with pride include a bowler hat, a shawl, a long skirt, petticoats and jewelry. Their hair is long and plaited at the back, and traditionally tied together at the ends with a tasseled cord. Until recent decades, cholitas were largely discriminated against in Bolivian society. The term “cholita” was actually a term used to express prejudice against indigenous people. They were seen as rural peasants of the lower class that worked as servants or hawkers in the city. They were even barred from some wealthy suburbs of the capital city, La Paz. The change in Bolivian society didn’t happen overnight. Grassroots movements lead by rural peasant groups persisted for years, steadily gaining power for indigenous rights in the country. One of the major victories of the Bolivian indigenous people was the election of Evo Morales in 2005, the country’s first Indigenous president. Since then, he has been a champion for indigenous and women’s rights. Today, cholitas are heavily involved in the economic, political, and fashion worlds of Bolivia. Unfortunately, in the last couple of years, the president has made some controversial decisions that have made many question his intentions at present. This photo is special to me because it portrays change in contemporary Bolivian society. The strong roots of Indigenous tradition and culture grounds Bolivians and enables them to take control over the speed and ways in which globalization alters the cultural landscape of their country.

#MMIW information! Education is key, and understanding the size of this issue can help us to acknowledge it is a problem that needs to be addressed. With “Thanksgiving” approaching, take this time to acknowledge the mass genocide and continued exploitation of indigenous peoples. We must bring our MMIW home and fund the search to help these victims. #fuckcolumbus fuckcolumbus #indigenous #indigenouspeoplesday #removethestatue #mmiwg #respecttheancestors #thanksgiving

@t_mannni our Business Developer showing some students at @ted our Augmented Reality installation. Spreading the knowledge of Columbus and the unjust history of the United States ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾 . . . #fuckcolumbus #indigenous #indigenouspeoplesday #removethestatue #christophercolumbus #augmentedreality #ted #tedx #tedtalk #tedtalks #ar #vr #activism

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