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Day4 @ariellafitness smoothie challenge. Watermelon, ginger, orange, carrot. See my sparkle. @thefitmumhub You have only this body, take care of it. #fitmom #fitness #fitdoctor #fitnaijamom #fitnessjourney #onestepatatime #everystepcounts #weightlossjourney #healthylifestyle #healhyliving.

Does your body need a reset?💥 Our 7 day body cleanse is perfect for you then! Message me for more information 🌸 #arbonne #veganfriendly #health #bethebestyou

Delicious!!😁😁❤️❤️#Shakeology #bestbreakfastonthego #healhyliving

COOK WITH ME | Steel Cut Oaties .. May all your porridge needs be met. 👩🏼‍🍳 #cookwithme #professional #JK #editingnow #catsofinstagram

| why going to the gym helped me to feel better |🇩🇪👇 . . It is so much more about physical streng and workout. . . It is about dedicating to my health day after day after day and about pushing myself to do more, believing in myself... Somehow it makes me want to live healthier everyday and influences me on my food choices as well as my interest and increases my ambition almost daily. . . Plus sports makes me feel well, the endorphin boost makes me crazy happy afterwards and my body gets tired at night so sleeping hasn´t been a problem. . . I never thought I would love going to the gym, but it has become a place where my mind quiets down, time I just dedicate to myself without any distractions and a place of personal growth. . . Are you working out regularly? . . 🇩🇪 Das Fitnessstudio wurde für mich so viel mehr als nur ein Ort der puren Kraft und des Trainings. . . Es bedeutet für mich, mich jeden Tag aufs neue meiner Gesundheit zu widmen, an mein Limit zu gehen, an mich selbst zu glauben.... Der Drang gesünder leben zu wollen bishin zu meinen Essensentscheidungen automatisierten sich, auch mein Interesse und Ergeiz steigen täglich. . . Sport macht mich einfach glücklich, die Endorphine lösen absolute Glücksgefühle aus, außerdem werde ich körperlich müde und habe keine Schlafprobleme mehr. . . Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass es mein Ding werden könnte ins Fitnessstudio zu gehen, aber es wurde ein Ort an dem meine Gedanken mal schweigen, ich Zeit für mich habe ohne irgendwelche Ablenkungen und ein Ort der persönlichen Weiterentwicklung. . . Was ist mit euch? Macht ihr regelmäßig Sport?

Why do we exercise? Because builds muscle mass. Resistance training also builds your muscles. In fact, the tension of your muscles against your bones is what also helps your bones get the maximum benefit of pilates. If you don’t engage in regular pilates, you’ll lose muscle strength at the rate of – guess what—1 percent per year. If you do, you can cut this – guess again—in half. In fact, the process of “sarcopenia,” which refers to normal loss of muscle strength with age, is best reversed by this type of exercise. Keeping your muscles strong also helps you stay more aerobically fit and helps you maintain a healthy lean (or fat-free) body mass. #pilates #reformerpilates #reformer #anytimepilates #pilatesavancado #pilateando #exercise #healthy #healhyliving #mobility #balance #strength #flexibility #posture #fleetstreet #london #londonist #fitness #fitnesslondon #yogi

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