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I watched this amazing episode on #Gaia about shifting into higher states of being and Jim Self explains that “you can’t take your baggage with you on this journey.” He made that statement several times throughout the interview and it really hit home for me. We all have a past but it’s what we do with it that will determine our #future. For me letting go of my past gives me #freedom and the opportunity to grow. I have made choices in my past that were not the best and I have carried the guilt of it for many years and self sabotaged which is why I ended up in unhealthy relationships feeling that I deserved it because of the bad choices I once made. I understand now how I don’t have to do that anymore I can finally be free and leave my past behind me. I am not the same person I was years ago that once made those bad choices, I have #evolved and #grown into a much better human and have become awake. Today I let go I allow myself to #befree I no longer carry my baggage on this journey. I have #noregrets only #gratitude for all of it for it made me who I am right now. #selflove #freedom #letgo #movingforward #awakened #blessed #grateful #starseed #lightbeing #5thdimension #IthinkIthought

***WEEKEND POST*** I was hoping to come up with something witty/catchy/funny for this one. The truth is, I'm working my hardest towards financial independence and right now it involves having 5 different jobs. That's absolutely fine and I love the freedom, joy and flexibility my life brings me 💃 *** I'm truly grateful for it all 💜💚 and also really f*cking tired, so I went for full disclosure on this gorgeous Saturday ☀ and decided to share a little more than usual 💁🏼‍♀️ *** I've been better at taking my CBD oil this year. 2 drops 3 times a day (most days I remember 😅). I've definitely been sleeping great and feeling the energy. Haven't been ill either 🙏 (I'm usually dragging a sinus infection around for a while during the winter months). I have no doubt that the work I've been doing on my mindset has also tremendously helped, as well as my Bach flowers elixir 🌸 *** Embracing it all and reframing 'problems' as opportunities! BIM!! 💪 *** Quick reminder that our #CBDparty is on until tomorrow night 🎉 Get 10% off all cbd products this week only with code CBD10 *** If in doubt, want to have a chat, discuss your options > email me directly amandine@ampsmoking.com. *** Have a wonderful weekend 💖 . 📸 : @tamararobeer . #CannabisLifestyle #cbd #cbdoil #organichemp #hemp #hemplove #cannabislove #realness #opportunities #solopreneur #entrepreneurspirit #financialfreedom #grateful #getthatmoney #weekend #itstheweekend #lifestyle #wellness #health #hempoil #cannabisentrepreneurs #womenentrepreneurs

Failure is not the end it is the beginning of learning a better way for the next attempt. So go out and OUT fail everyone else on your way to massive success. #failure #temporary #learn

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