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Reading a novel by @_elainecastillo about three generations of Filipinx womxn to my pamangkin 🐶. I think he’s also wondering if these stories are just his Lola’s life in a nutshell 🤔. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #americaisnottheheart #booksofinstagram #pinaycreatives #pinaywriters #booksofcolor #elainecastillo #🇵🇭 #pupsofinstagram #pinoypuppy

The @aklwritersfest programme has been launched and I’m really looking forward to being in conversation with US writer Elaine Castillo! #awf19 #americaisnottheheart #elainecastillo

I took my time with this novel, and let myself linger in the Filipino-American world of Hero, Paz, Pol, Rino, Rosalyn... and so many more. It's a dense book that can read slow, but I flew through the final 100 pages last night, unable to set it aside. Yet, there were emotional moments in which I had to pause. Castillo's writing vacillated between realistic and poetic, and I thought it struck an elegant balance where it could've easily come across as uneven. I did not want to say bye to these richly drawn characters, and I can't wait to read more Castillo. . In terms of the Tournament of Books, this play-in winner will now be up against THERE, THERE next Monday, and at this point in time I have no idea which one I might choose if I were the judge—I love them both. . Full review soon. Have you read this? . #quote #bookquote #bookstagram #elainecastillo #americaisnottheheart

“You already know that the first thing that makes you foreign to a place is to be born poor in it. When you finally leave, all you’re hoping for is a more bearable kind of foreignness. Baggage means no matter how far you go, no matter how many times you immigrate, there are countries in you you’ll never leave. Safe and far away. Safe because you’re far away. You need to get so far ahead of yourself that by the time you reach yourself, you’re a different person.” #ElaineCastillo #AmericaIsNotTheHeart

📍 Con uno stile esuberante e ironico, Elaine Castillo si muove in un territorio letterario sospeso e affascinante, in cui si intrecciano la saga famigliare, il romanzo d’amore, la storia di due Paesi e della distanza che li divide, e degli uomini e delle donne che tentano di colmarla. #ubikomegna #librerieubik #ubiklibri #ubiknovità #scopriloconubik #iolettore #ubiklibrai #consiglidilettura #consiglidellibraio #consiglidalibraio #bookstagram #instabooks #bookslovers #elainecastillo #lamericanonècasa #solferinoeditore #statiuniti #filippine #radici #famiglia #identità #sognoamericano #origini

Our recommendation today? A sweeping epic: America Is Not The Heart by @_elainecastillo - so many of you are going to love this book. This is a dense novel rich with details, the story of a number of Filipina women in America, related by blood, marriage, or even deeper connections. We’re not going to spoil the story for you. If you’re interested in family histories, in narratives of immigration and emigration, in queer love in its messy glory, then this is the book for you. Elaine Castillo writes to make you feel - nowhere quite as much as when she writes about food, summoning up scents and textures that make you want to run to the kitchen as you read, or when she writes about pain. Regret weighs down everyone in this book, in one way or another. The denizens of this novel aren’t necessarily happy, or safe, or well - but they’re fierce and clinging on, even when everything is stacked against them. We’re willing to bet a lot of you haven’t read much about the Philippines or its diaspora communities, and this book is in some ways a lesson and in some ways a question - why haven’t you learned more about these characters, about their languages and histories and cuisines? For those of you seeking queer women representation, as we say, this book delivers: its primary love story is as infuriating and exciting as any actual relationship is. Reading this novel wasn’t quick or easy, but it was rewarding as heck! Thanks to @rowanhisa for recommending this to us in your interview with Project Myopia!

so damn excited to announce @d0geaters premiere show "taglish: the first picture of you, 1990", coming this spring 🇵🇭 please consider donating to our project via kickstarter (link in bio) and spread the word! #thefirstpictureofyou #taglish #dogeaterscollective

Currently rearranging my bookcart and bookshelves... and also modifying my March TBR/hopefuls 😅 I definitely want to add America is Not the Heart, Little Fires Everywhere, and Pachinko. Too optimistic? Maybe, but that's okay! I know I previously said March was supposed to be a #nospendmonth, but I had credit from @thriftbooks, so I obviously HAD to use it immediately. I got Unbearable Weight: Feminism, Western Culture, and the Body by Susan Bordo. Sounds like the perfect read for Women's History Month to me! Have you read any of these? I'd love to hear your thoughts! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #bookstagram #books #bookphotography #currentlyreading #literature #tbr #alwaysreading #booknerd #bookgram #readersofig #instabooks #reading #diversifybookstagram #diversespines #herbooksmarchtoo #pachinko #minjinlee #elainecastillo #celesteng #littlefireseverywhere #americaisnottheheart #thriftbooks #unbearableweight #susanbordo #womenshistorymonth

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