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Because she wants to be like mommy!!!!

Yesterday, Eddie helped me get the lawnmower going several times. He'd bang the case to get the starter cord to retract and we'd try again. Bang, retract, no response, open casing, close it, retract, lawnmower starts... . The theme of last week's sessions with clients was eerily like this. My clients were treating their bodies and nervous systems like machines. Little to no rest, little movement, go go go. Bang, retract, kick start. . When we stepped back and looked at their time in between sessions, both of us could see within seconds why they didn't want to do anything intimate. Their nervous system was all UP all day until it plonked and plummeted as soon as it got permission to at night. . There's nothing saucy about that. We all have time to breathe. We all have time to spend an extra minute in the bathroom to reset. We all have space to make a cuppa tea and reflect for 2 minutes. . You are not a machine. Stop kicking yourself into gear all day. Stop eating lunch at your desk. Stop sitting all the time indoors with blue light, checking out. . In the name of all things libido. Change it now and change it for good. You may have lapses in future but you'll never live your life like that again. Nothing radical - I'm not telling you to get yourself a practice, meditate, do yoga. Nope. I'm advocating for mere moments of space, breath and letting yourself know you are safe. Lots of those moments add up and when you get into the bedroom by yourself or with someone else...well, it's easier to drop into that zone. You've been doing it over the course of the day. . Treat your body and soul like the cyclical creature that she is and she will purr in the most magnificent way. . You are not a machine. Lauren xo

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