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A visual identity for any season or landscape. The courses are officially open! Visit phonographik.com to learn more. #brandidentity #logos #discgolf #discgolfdesign #glide #dandelions

#kateandhollywood “Olivier never understood my fascination with dandelions. Understandable, given the decidedly unromantic name for dandelions in French: pissenlit. In any case, in the short eighteen years we had together before he succumbed to the illness of our generation, while he didn’t understand my fascination, he did humor it.” #newbookinspiration #thisishappening #dandelions

#kateandhollywood “If I just leave him alone, Hollywood will become that dandelion he always wanted to be. Problem is,” thought Kate, “...and has always been: dandelions are so tempting.” Kooky can be dangerous. Dandelions are fragile. #newbookinspiration #thisishappening #dandelions

#kateandhollywood “Oh--“ wrote Hollywood, “the moon so soon you drop into the sea that big, beautiful, scarred moon that has seen over our lives lived so carelessly. I sent a kiss to whisk over the dark side and fall back into reality becoming the bloom of a dandelion to float around close enough so an eye can catch a glimpse of but dancing too lightly for a hand to touch.” #thisishappening #newbookinspiration #poetryofpenance #lifeimitatesart #artimitateslife #dandelions

#kateandhollywood Summer 1997: He said she was the kookiest chick on the block. She said he was as beautiful as a dandelion and just as hard to pin down. Kooky can be dangerous. Dandelions are fragile. #newbookinspiration #thisishappening #dandelions

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