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I know I’ve posted about this before but I just can’t believe it took me this long to realize how yummy and easy it is to roast veggies instead of sautéing them in a pan! It is seriously so easy to throw them in the oven and get some work done while they are cooking and then you have a healthy side for dinner . . . Today I baked some green beans, summer squash and some zucchini. I drizzled all of them with some olive oil and then seasoned them with salt and pepper. I baked them in the oven at 400F for about 30 minutes . . . . . #healyourgut #guthealth #healingibs #sibo #ibs #veggies #dinner #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthylife #dairyfree #glutenfree #lowfodmap #lowfodmapdiet #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #foodie #foodblogger #foodblog

Heres a better picture of my jack fruit TINGA TOSTADAS!🙌🔥💥🌱🤤🤤 I had a few people dm me and ask me for the recipe. So I wanted to make sure I posted it for those people! It's also highlighted in my profile💚💚💚 . 1 can of jack fruit 1/2 yellow onion . Shred your jack fruit then saute in a pan with 1 tbsp oil for 4 minutes. In the mean time you can slice your onion julian style. Add the onion to the pan and saute for another 3 minutes or until onion is transparent. . For the sauce: 3 chipotle peppers 2 tomatoes 1 garlic clove 1 1/2 cup water 1 tsp vegetable paste 1/2 tsp cumin 1/2 tsp salt . Add all ingredients to a blender or food processor and puree. Once its puree all the way your going to add this sauce to your jackfruit. Simmer for about 15 minutes in low heat and it should be ready and full of flavor. If you want it extra spicy you can add more chipotle peppers. . You serve it with tostadas, beans, dairy free sour cream, avocado,🥑 lettuce and vegan cheese!🌱🧀@followyourheart mozzarella cheese slices . . . . . #vegan #veganfoodshare #govegan #foodie #instafood #instalove #veganism #instagram #picoftheday #food #instamood #instashare #govegan #veganeats #veganaf #whatveganseat #foodgasm  #mood #veganrecipes #instagood #comfortfood #vegansofig #vegangains #sogood #mexicanfood ood #vegancommunity #foodporn #vegansofinstagram #foodpics #veganfood #dairyfree

Tonight for #Whole30in30 I made this One Pan Mediterranean Cod! pieces of lightly seared cod are cooked in a delicious pepper, tomato & olives sauce that becomes almost like a thick stew. This is great for those times when you are tired of having the same old boring fish dishes. It doesn’t taste like it’s #whole30 or takes just 30 minutes to make which is a huge win in my books. Watch me make it in my stories, link to the recipe in my bio https://www.everylastbite.com/2019/03/26/mediterranean-cod/

This #vegansushi from @wholefoodsuk was the perfect lunchtime grab and go 🍱🍣🥢 Granted, #wholefoods is never the cheapest option but these Crunchy Began Dragon Rolls were a treat mid rehearsal and gave me the fuel I needed 🌱❤️ #theveganshowgirl

Our backyard! Not a bad view and endless inspiration to create #dairyfree, #prebiotic magic. The #SunshineCoast was the birth place of #COYO® and the world's first #coconutyoghurt. Really we are pretty proud to call the Sunny Coast home, to be #Australianmade and owned and to still be goverened by our passion to create real, authentic food that everyone can enjoy! Why do you love coconut yoghurt? Also, a big thanks to the talented @jason_bowen for the best Aussie surf pics! 🙏🙏

I didn’t think Tofu was my thing until I made this salad this morning! 🤤 Chili however has ALWAYS been my thing...🌶❤️

Functional Medicine Update! ⬇️ . Today was my first meeting with my functional medicine doctor or ‘intake appointment’. I’m not sure how these are treated in other countries or provinces, but mine was covered by my provinces health plan! All other appointments however will not be and I’m so so grateful that my parents are willing to invest in my health as I could not afford it on my own. . I wanted to share a little about my experience and probably will continue to do so throughout my journey as I feel this is a very new side of medicine that isn’t well known yet! 🏥 . Like I mentioned in a previous post my doctor is actually a trained M.D who later switched to functional medicine, however not all functional medicine doctors will be. To look in your area to see if a doctor exists and look at their background, check out IFM.org, that’s where I went! . A breakdown of what we did today: 1️⃣ Before-hand I did a half hour long questionnaire detailing everything from nutrition, lifestyle, family history, childhood etc. Because functional medicine is all about treating the WHOLE person and getting to the root cause of their health problems! 2️⃣ When I first went in I was able to share a bit more about me and my main goals! This was so great as I’d never had a conventional doctor take the time to listen to me like that. 3️⃣A game plan! I loved that we jumped right into coming up with a plan going forward. Because I was highly educated in most things regarding lifestyle and nutrition, she felt that nothing drastic needed to be done in terms of that yet and I was doing a good job 😊 4️⃣Testing! In order to get a better picture of everything going on she left me with several tests that I will be doing and funding on my own. I will go into more detail about these once I’ve done them and can share my thoughts about whether they are useful! Right now we have a blood test, salivary cortisol test, and GI-map stool test planned. . So far my experience has been great and I will probably be back in a week or so once I’ve done one of the tests! I’m very excited for what’s to come 😊 . . . . . #healthy #crohns #crohnsdisease #colitis #ibd #ibs #inflammatoryboweldisease #celiac

Ich liebe mexikanisches Essen 😍 Dieses Mal gab es Mini Tacos mit Grillgemüse und Guacamole Dip 🙌🏼 soooo lecker ;) allen einen schönen Sonntag und #slowdown #positivevibes #dailyquotes #picoftheday #munich #mexicanfood #vegan #food #veggie #sundaymood #eatwell #veganvibes #instadaily #weekend #sunnyday #plantbased #veganrecipes #dairyfree #love #delicious

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