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Andre Serrano “all things trump” on west 14th st image by me Trump’s veto payed for by Saudi Arabia continues Yemen Genocide - we must see our Genocidal Presidents corrupt Tax Returns Trump is encouraging DEATH THREATS against New York Congresswoman Omar Trump’s tax scam has let many companies pay NO TAXES in 2018 and pay out billions in corporate tax refunds!——Impeach Disbar ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR Trump is pure white racist- Starting political career with BIRTHERISM against President Obama/ elected on banning Muslims (violating the. Constitution-religious discrimination and calling Mexicans rapists. He hates government promised to blow it up and is doing it -appointees are against the missions of their appointments- thinks wealth hoarding -not paying taxes-not the common good- The founding fathers be damned by the House of Trump- howpathetic the Republican Party -Mueller Report redacted color-coded looks like an Easter Basket not a corruption report-Trump hiring incompetents and sycophants-Kidnapping Latino children refugees who are then sexually assaulted- When in power Republicans ignore the law and when not in power they abuse the law- Republican attitudes toward the disenfranchised in our society treated like road kill tossed to the gutter -Republicans stand for Corporate Greed (Pharacuetical gouging, low minimum wages, against consumer protections, workers rights, environmental protections, etc.) Republican corruptions are in service of this greed- gerrymandering , voter suppression, rolling back protections, civil rights , the environment —Republican Strategy of fear and lying is dependent on an ill informed public —n 2019 we have our own home bread terrorist Nazi President who is hell-bent on destroying America from within in plain sight. These fascist are actively dismantling America. #con #trump #dumb #RICO #blackhole #Nativism #Reckless #treason #legal #law #accounting #doctor #medicine #Irresponsible #Criminal #Brought to you by #Alt-Right #Christian #Fundamentalists# #Fiscally #Reckless #Capitalist #Republic #Crimes #Against #Asylum #Seekers

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