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As maiores e melhores aventuras de Dwayne Johnson estão no "Arranha-Céus" no teu Cinemax ;) Vais mayar? #cinema #arranhaceus #cinemax #espectaculo #filme #angola #dwaynejohnson

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms review This fantasy anime film is written and directed by Mari Okada in her directorial debut and it's about Maquia who is a lolph an immortal race that age very slowly, is separated from her village and finds an abandoned baby boy and decided to adopt and raise him that'll share a special bond throughout the years. This no in doubt the most beautiful animated film I've seen this year with such bright color palette that does gives a raw emotional atmosphere and it definitely shows how much work the Japanese animators put into this production of a film. When it comes anime for me, I find it weird and awkward at first but I slowly understand the reason as I watch through it. This film shows a unique theme of a mother and son relationship as the film chronicles the ever loving bond between Maquia and her son Ariel. In a traditional anime sense, they go in depth about how such bond had emotionally impacted the characters which give a raw sensationalism to the story. There is a lot of tear-jerking which can be annoying but at the same time, it sometimes does works on the context of the story as Maquia is trying to be a better mother by promising not to cry with her son. One minor nitpick I want to address is the overall character design of the female characters. It's too simplistic and symbolic, especially the nose is just one tiny line or sometimes no line. That's one of the few criticisms that anime usually get. Overall, this is one of the best anime films I've seen this year with beautiful animation and strong emotional attachment to the characters. I highly recommend for anime fans but the audience, in general, to go see ASAP as it has a limited theatrical release. I'm gonna give this film an ”EPIC DRAWING!” #maquia #anime #movies #film #cinema #filmreview #moviereview #review #reviews #filmcritic #moviecritic #movieart #filmart #filmillustration #movieillustration #art #drawing #illustration #artwork #traditionalart #traditionalillustration #sketchbook #copic #copicsketchmarkers #artistoninstagram #instaartist #instaart #animation

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Sometimes, a mocha frappe is the only way to cool things off. 🌞#thecoldneverbotheredmeanyway

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