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If you need a gentle landing at the moment, here are some soft cookies that will hit the spot. Only 10 minutes in the oven and topped with Loving Earth caramel chocolate. Hands up if you're Team Soft or Crunchy in the cookie game 🙋🏽‍♀️ Orange Dream Soft Cookies 🍊🍫✨ by @chens_plate. Head to the link in her bio!

The only cake I’m interested in😎😎 • This @beamingbaker Vegan Chocolate Cake was quite honestly one of the main reasons why I got out of bed today. It’s seriously all that it’s made out to be. I topped it with @chens_plate Chocolate Frosting made out of sweet potato and cashews!🍠 Happy “Baby Friday”! (@katekresser)

Made @chens_plate spinach tortillas this weekend!!! These are extremely easy to make, but I’d recommend not using almond flour. She made hers with cassava, which sounds amazing, but I didn’t have any cassava flour so I tried to substitute almond flour and that just did not work out. I ended up making mine with all purpose flour! The dough was super sticky so make sure you have some extra flour in your hands and cutting board when making these. Below is her recipe, except swap out the flour for cassava if you want to make hers exactly👇🏻 . Chen’s Spinach Tortillas Ingredients: - 3 cups fresh spinach - 3/4 cups water - 2 tbs honey - 2 tbs avocado oil - 1/4 tsp sea salt - 1 + 1/2 cups all purpose flour . Directions: 1. Wilt the spinach over medium heat on a medium sized pan, about 3-4 minutes. 2. Add spinach and water to a food processor and process until everything is blended. 3. Add in the honey & oil, and pulse it a few times. 4. Pour the mixture over the flour and salt in a bowl. Using a spatula, or your hands, turn the dough to make sure all the flour is mixed in. 5. Roll into a ball and cut off pieces that are a little bigger than a meatball. 6. Heavily flower a wooden cutting board and roller, place dough on the board and roll out to a tortilla. 7. Place back on the pan over medium heat and cook for a few minutes in each side. 8. Repeat for each tortilla!

Toast-ilicious...we know it's Friday but we're already planning our Saturday morning breakfast . One slice with dairy free yogurt, frozen BlackBerries, and a little chocolate. The other topped with smooth almond butter, strawberry slices, and another little piece of chocolate. 🍫A lil sprinkle of bee pollen and coconut. Bob's your uncle #dontgetcrumbsinthebed @chens_plate.

✨ N E W ✨ back to Atlanta means back to my kitchen means back to baking! Or in this case, freezing. On my plane ride back home, I started thinking about snacks and how important they are. I try not to eat while on planes because I always end up nauseous, but I was thinking how excited I was to get off and eat my packed snack. Snacks can be such a mood booster in the day because they give you a little treat to look forward to, but also give your body the nutrients it needs to fire back up when you’re starting to shut down 😬 My favorite things to snack on include nuts and fruits so I decided to combine the two to make these 👆🏼 Fruity cashew smoothie bites topped with bee pollen and melted chocolate. The toppings are optional, but also not really because chocolate is the best. This recipe is only 6 ingredients and all you need is a blender and a freezer. The full recipe is up on the blog to just click the link in my bio to check it out. I’m also on Pinterest these days so be sure to pin this recipe to come back to 🤗 Happy Tuesday and happy snacking • #happysnacking #snack #snacktime #eatsnacks #healthysnacks #fruit #healthyfats #cashews #snackideas #food #foodie #organic #lovefood #lovetoeat #chocolate #feedfeed #refinery29 #chalkboardeats #health #healthy #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthylifestyle #chensplate #cleanrecipes #foodphotography #foodporn #treatyoself

Chocolate-chunk donuts topped with melted Loving Earth dark chocolate and bee pollen by @chens_plate. The donuts are gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar-free. The only sweetness come from a little maple. Recipe on her blog! A relief that great people like Chen make the things that we're craving but with all killer no filler 💜💜💜

@chens_plate made her recipe for tahini caramel cookies work twice as hard and baked the leftover batter into this mini loaf. Topped with our very own caramel chocolate and teamed with a cuppa. Perfect Sunday afternoon company. Check out her page for the recipe for the caramel cookies. We love that she's Team Chewy in the cookie game 🍪

Find what makes you happy and never stop doing it. I had no intention of posting another picture today, but I was going through my pictures and I stopped at this one 👆🏼 I couldn’t help but notice the smile on my face. And as cheesy as that sounds that really made me happy. I spent that day a few weekends ago with my boyfriend taking photos in a whole foods. And as not fun as that sounds for some, it was such a good time for me (and I hope him lol 😬.) I got to try new foods, explore all the new aisles, and then bake all the goodies when I got home. It’s taken me a long time to get to a place where I can be so content and happy almost all the time. I find the joy in the little things like grocery shopping and the most fun in the simple things like staying at home and just hanging out with myself. Today I spent the day in the kitchen cooking, baking, and eating. And then I spent the rest of the day in bed working on my blog and watching Netflix. As basic as that sounds, it was such a chill day. I’m trully loving the happiness I find day to day even when things aren’t going exactly as I planned. I hope you guys had the most amazing Saturday. Comment below and tell me what you did because I’m genuinely interested in your day! Talk to you guys tomorrow 🤗 • #whatsonmyplate #chensplate #groceryshopping #mealprepping #mealplanning #groceries #liveyourbestlife #myfood #healthyfood #healhyliving #healthylifestyle #healthyeats #eat #eats #food #foodie #glutenfree #dairyfree #livingwithcrohns #healing #feedfeed #wholefoods #lovelife #foodblogger #vegan #glutenfreeeats #veganeats #eatwell #eatwhole

✨ N E W R E C I P E ✨ Which one are you: raw cookie dough or baked cookies?? I honestly can’t decide. But I do know that whenever I make a new cookie recipe, I end up eating half the batter 🤷🏻‍♀️ So I decided to go for it and just make a gluten free, dairy free, vegan, safe to eat raw, cookie dough! I used @loving_earth to create giant chocolate chunks in the dough and it was just 👌🏻 This recipe only has 8 ingredients including the chocolate and seasoning and everything! The full recipe is in the link in my bio, so click there to get this amazing recipe. Hope you guys like it. Happy freaking Friday everyone • #whatsonmyplate #cookiedough #rawcookiedough #vegan #vegancookiedough #veganrecipes #refinery29 #feedfeed #healthyish #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfreecookies #dairyfree #dairyfreecookies #healthycookies #health #healthy #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #easyrecipes #foodphotography #chocolate #chocolatechunk #almondflour #bakedbychen #chensplate #foodporn #cleaneats

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