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🎇 Réalisation #1 Uncover.me - Application mobile de rencontre et de découverte musicale - Uncover.me se positionne comme une solution originale de rencontre autour de la musique. Cette application a pour but de valoriser la rencontre au travers de la personnalité et des goûts communs de ses utilisateurs, à l’inverse des autres applications qui mettent seulement en avant le physique. - ✏️ NOTRE TRAVAIL Business Plan Cahier des charges Stratégie de communication Identité visuelle Wireframe UX / UI Maquette de l’application Campagne d’affichage - 🖥 EN SAVOIR PLUS https://agence-blast.com/portfolio/uncoverme/ • • • #blast #agenceblast #toulouse #graphicdesign #logo #application #webdesigner #ux #ui #communication #print #business #art #wireframe #music #rencontre #discover #love

A recent survey has pointed to the increase in online shoppers using cryptocurrency for electronic payments, reporting growth of 700% since 2013. According to Kaspersky Labs, 13% of shoppers have used cryptocurrency for making payments online, their recent survey of 12,000 customers in 22 different countries has shown, and the trend is clearly upwards. Kaspersky commented: “The majority of retailers are now happy for us to use whatever payment method we prefer in order to stop us from going elsewhere. From credit card transactions and bank transfers to cryptocurrency, subscriptions, and loyalty points, we can pay for goods and services in more ways than ever before.” However, paying in this way still has problems which need to be addressed in the future. In the past, networks were trusted for zero-confirmations, but recent attacks against some of the coins have made vendors less enthusiastic. More coins are now available other than Bitcoin for these kinds of online payments with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) allowing SMS payments, and Verge (XVG) and ReddCoin (RDD) now offering small-scale payment options. Bitcoin’s Lightning network still remains a fast way of settling purchases online. The profusion of Bitcoin ATMs, often in the most unlikely locations around the world, continues to offer shoppers, who prefer a face to face “trawling” the store option, the opportunity to instantly trade their BTC for cash. Recently New York, one of the world’s major shopping venues has given crypto users the opportunity to purchase Bitcoin using a regular credit card at machines around the Big Apple.

Failure is not the end it is the beginning of learning a better way for the next attempt. So go out and OUT fail everyone else on your way to massive success. #failure #temporary #learn

Value investing, or the art and science of buying a stock at a discount to what it's really worth, has built a lot of fortunes. . / Some of the world's most famous investors, including Berkshire Hathaway  CEO Warren Buffett and Fidelity Investments' Peter Lynch, have used a value investing approach to generate outsized returns for themselves and their investors over time . . . . follow👇👇👇👇 .@financialtutor_ .@financialtutor_ .@financialtutor_

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