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This book left me torn and grappling with my thoughts and opinions. The book was set in today’s society. It dealt with the slow revelation of a dark secret of two very sweet old ladies and the town’s handling of that. The major themes of this book were racism in the South, sisterhood, fatherhood, and the privilege of wealth. • The main story was admirable, well paced and very interesting. The relationship between these two little old ladies was inspiring and tugged at your heart strings. • My main issues were with the side plots. There were several moving parts on the fringes of the main story which I thought at times were complicated and unnecessary. I also did not see the value or agreed with how some characters were portrayed. Some heavy issues were flippantly included and not given the time and exploration that they needed. I was also at a lost about the cover art. Although beautiful and admittedly one of the reasons I picked up the book in the first place, I wondered why it was chosen when it seemed irrelevant to the main story. • I’ve been left with many thoughts and opinions about this book. I’m still not fully decided how I feel. • Do you read books that deal with real and sensitive issues? . . . . . . . . . . . #fiction #booknerd #bookblogger #ilovereading #igreads #bookstagram #bookshelf #book #instagood #photooftheday #canadian #bookworm #currentlyreading #booklove #booklover #bookstagrammer #bookaddicts #reader #reading #bookish #bibliophile #bookstagramfeature #ilovebooks #booknerdigans #bookoftheday

Right discipline exists, not in external compulsion, but in habits of mind which lead spontaneously to desirable rather than undesirable activities. Bertrand Russell Photo: Article from travelwith.org #student #studentlifestyle #laptoplife #blackfamily #booklover #bookstagram #family #familygoals

The River Blood Brother Chronicles ™ is a lush journey of hope, love and friendship. Though fully established as 'darkly fun', so much of of the BBC is a mirror of what happens in our society, situations we don't want to talk about, aspects of life that journey down into the deepest needs of human nature. As an author, I love using sex and lust as an arch, a way to further explain or introduce either a character and or situation. Ben and Slick are sure anti-heroes, but they can also be strangely articulate mediums in which we can explore how life would be in the shoes of powerful paternal figures that understand the true ethic of life. That life is meant to be lived, loved and explored, by what ever means. This is a fearlessness that is rarely seen in the Literary world ************************************* #bookstore #paper #reader #read #photooftheday #bookporn #pages #instabook #prilaga #story #bookshelf #booknow #bookstagram #climax #bookaholic #book #kindle #nook #bookme #literature #library #instaread #page #booknerd #instagood #booklover #imagine #plot #readinglist

I pretty much never post photos anymore, what’s with that? Gotta amp it up a little I think.

#yogaandbooks - Day 17 of #30dayyogajourney is #bowpose - Eh, so I didn’t levitate into that beautiful tear drop shape but honestly who has time for all that when there are so many great books to read?! - I haven’t really had the chance to dip into my library books yet (but it’s going to happen, seriously), because my January ARCs are taking priority. I had eight total to read and review, and A Thousand Sisters by Elizabeth Wein is the eighth! - The past couple of years I’ve been kinda horrible reading my ARCs on time, but this year I want to do better. I don’t really want to increase my NetGalley percentage (because I keep it at a number I find hilarious if very juvenile), but I want to do a better job reading these books and submitting reviews and only requesting the ones that I am actually going to read. Because getting ARCs is a privilege that a lot of people don’t have. - Anywho, A Thousand Sisters is about the Night Witches, the famous all-women night bombing regiment (although this book also talks about the other two regiments—the day bombers and the fighters—who eventually integrated men into their ranks) of the Soviet Union. - More and more people are writing about these courageous women and I am SO happy because for a long time when I mentioned that there had been women fighter pilots and bombers in WWII people just looked at me like I had no concept of history - Also, I was inspired by my friend Gwen C Katz (who wrote the incredible YA historical novel Among the Red Stars) to write my own Night Witches short story that is ALSO a mash-up of Vasilisa the Beautiful and The Twelve Dancing Princesses, because WHY THE HELL NOT? - It’s called, rather anti-climatically, Vasilisa and the Night Witches.

“Lui la prese di nuovo tra le braccia. “Grazie. Volevo imprimerti nella memoria fin nei minimi dettagli, così negli anni a venire, a prescindere da dove mi troverò o da quanto tempo sarà passato, potrò servare in eterno il ricordo di te in questo momento. Il ricordo della donna più bella del mondo” Wilbur Smith “Grido di guerra”

[ Réception du jour ] 💖 Et voici mon gain dans son intégralité !!! Je suis une lectrice heureuse, vraiment très heureuse 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Encore un graaaannnnd, un immeeeennnse merci @fleuve_editions pour ces 15 (!!!!) livres. 15 !!!! J'ai encore du mal à y croire !!!!!!!!! #concourslivresque #thrilleraddict #thriller #lecturepassion #lectureaddict #lectures #lecture2018 #passionlecture #pal #palquideborde #gainlivresque #livrescadeaux #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #instabook #booklover #bookworm #instalivresque #instalivre #livres #books📚

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