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Já tive medo do tempo, da sua velocidade, de  como ele não cansa de passar e levar um pedacinho de nós a todo momento. Hoje percebo que o tempo não é inimigo, ele apenas faz sua parte. Meu medo agora é de não fazer a minha parte, de não ser intenso o suficiente, de desperdiçar meus infinitos. Meu medo é de ser em vão, de passar por passar, de existir por existir. De não sentir cada detalhe da vida, de não saber apreciar a beleza dela por ser finita. 👊💪🔝... . . . . . #musclecontest #fisiculturismoclassico #instafit #instafitness #hardcoreforceteam #vemmonstro #fisiculturismo #classicphisique #ficagrandeporra #marketingdigital #embuscadoshapeinesplicavel #meuovo #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #treinohard #treino #bruto #brutomemo #blackskull #blackskullusateam #musculação #educaçãofísica #bodymotivation #treinohardcore #bodypump #treinando #sporting #esmagaquecresce #oldschool

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!! I’ve been studying my booty off for finals next week. I’m sooo ready to be done with this semester but only one more week👏🏼👏🏼then I can finally relax for a bit. ⁣ ⁣ I woke up super bloated and nauseous this morning so I’m going to be taking it easy this week in the gym. I might film my back workout tomorrow only if I’m feeling a better. One of the personal trainers at the gym I go to helped me perfect my form on my deadlifts and squats so I can’t wait to share my next leg day with y’all 😛 it will be crazy

🔸PLANES OF MOTION🔸 There are three planes of motion with respect to the human body: 1. Sagittal - forward and backward (includes the most common gym exercises) 2. Frontal - side to side 3. Transverse - rotational In order to be a better athlete, improve muscular balance and prevent injury, you should train the body in all three planes of motion. ⬆️⬇️ Exercises for the sagittal plane include anything that requires you to move forward or backward. Imagine you are boxed in at your sides: - squats - back extensions - bicep curls - lunges - sprinting - bench press ⬅️➡️ Exercises in the frontal plane include anything that requires you to move left or right. Imagine you are boxed in from the front and back: - side shuffle - lateral lunges - lateral raises - banded lateral walks ↪️↩️ Exercises in the transverse plane include anything where you are rotating your body. This plane cuts you in half from the top to the bottom: - Russian twists - med ball lateral throws - rotational med ball slams - wood choppers or cable chops. Picture from https://www.trainrugged.com/uncategorized/planes-of-motion/:

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