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In January, it will get busier. But February-watch out. Be ready for February. It will be a good month for murder ~ DQW • • • #AmReading #AGoodMonthForMurder #DelQuentinWilber #NonFiction #Biography #TrueCrime #Criminology #bibliophile #bookstagram #bookcollector

This novel had excellent historical fiction elements that made the first half enjoyable, however the second half was overshadowed by the first making the second half feel like filler until you’re able to see how the first half actually ends... 📚 • • • #bookstagram #bookreview #bookshelf #booksonbooksonbooks #amreading #amreviewing #amwriting #bookblog #bookish #historicalfiction #jojomoyes #jojomoyesbooks #thegirlyouleftbehind https://northofnonsensesouthofsophisticated.wordpress.com/2018/08/24/review-of-the-girl-you-left-behind/

Has anybody read Erin Bowman's latest yet, Contagion? I feel like all my favorite authors have blurbed it or recommended it. I can't wait to read it! #tbrpost #tbr #bookstagram #ireadya #nextread #amreading #erinbowman #contagion

catching up on old episodes of @booksquadgoals -- favorite book i've read in 2018 (Fates & Furies by Lauren Groff is a close second)! #amreading #bookstagram

Thoughts derived from the unexpected. NOTE: Lab Girl - #currentread

Having a super weird week and August is always crazy 😂 but here is confirmation that I’m alive and finding time to sneak in some time with a good book! How’ve y’all been?!

Today is a day for celebrating. 🎉 . . For celebrating BRAVERY. For knowing that bravery is possible. For knowing that bravery is not the absence of fear, but instead, bravery is how we react to that fear. . . There are days when bravery is opening up your eyes in the morning. There are days when bravery is a single step out of bed. There are days when bravery is making the decision to move forward even when we are terrified. To push ourselves toward actually living instead of just surviving. Any amount of bravery, however, is a small miracle. It is something to be celebrated. . . I have been afraid of so many things. Driving a car has been a looming fear for many years. I’ve experienced panic attacks after attempting to drive that left me near paralyzed. I wanted to give up and never drive again. After all, I’m already 28, and if I can’t drive by now... . . But I didn’t give up. I didn’t give in to that fear. Instead, I looked it in the eyes and said “you are big and I am afraid but I am doing this anyway.” . . And so I signed up for driving lessons. And the first one left me very near vomiting. And I wanted to cancel the second, but I didn’t. And I had the third today and suddenly I was sad when it was over. Because for the first time in my life, I felt like the confident, competent woman I know deep down I am and I knew that ✨I can do this.✨ . . And it feels good. This bravery. This trying. This living. This moving forward even with the fear, even with the doubts. . . I am by no means a perfect driver yet but I’m going to keep going and I know I’ll get there one day. And I share this with you all despite the embarrassment and shame I’ve always felt surrounding this issue because I no longer feel that shame - I no longer feel the need to hide this because, in the words of Moana, this does not define me. And your fears don’t define you, either. . . And just in case no one has ever told you: you have the capacity to be so much braver than you have ever believed. Sometimes it just takes a single step forward. You can do it. And when you do - take a little time to celebrate that bravery - because it’s worth celebrating. 💛

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