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Thank you for all of these opportunities for Olivia, Kai, JerDore, Noctis, Steph, Al, Chardonnay, and myself, 2018, but above all, thank you for establishing the semblance of hope and the aura of love that we all need. . . . A longer version of this video, featuring excerpts of @crazy_life_of_kai ‘s poem he performed at a trans rights rally and excerpts of speech I gave there, is posted on Facebook; scripts will be uploaded into the caption later for accessibility. The excerpt from our ad is pre-captioned and all other sound is background music. The short video is in two parts on this post. Swipe to the side. #YESon3MA #transrights #transrightsarehumanrights #transisbeautiful #humanrightslaw #civilrightsaw #transgender #nonbinary #thisiswhattranslookslike #lavernecox #jazzjennings #ptwc2018 #transwellnessconference #coreymaison #transisbeautiful

Looking back at 2018: November 6 - Supporters for Yes on Question 3, that upholds a two-year-old state law that protects transgender people in public accommodations, are ecstatic after the announcement of their win on election night at the Fairmont Hotel in Copley Square. #yeson3ma #transrightsarehumanrights #wbur #2018photos #neverpostedthis

My two new favorite @cardsagainsthumanity cards feature my brother-in-law, #BillericaMA Republican Representative Marc Lombardo! 🤣 Seriously, #Billerica voters are so in-the-dark they chose this guy over literal Eagle Scout @christribou2018 who was by far the more empathetic candidate with solid leadership skills & record of service to his community. In addition to serving as a Town Meeting Representative for Precinct 1, Chris serves as a member of the planning board & several other town commitees & has a deep knowledge of the issues that specifically affect Billerica. ▫️ #queersagainstfascism #WeLoveBillerica #cardsagainsthumanity #bethechange #alwaysforbillerica #NotMeUs #homophobia #transphobia #islamaphobia #mysoginist #xenophobia #bigot #yeson3ma #racist #whitenationalism #hateful #narcissist #freespeech #BillericaSaveMelissa #believewomen #bluewave #mapoli #mavote #votingmatters #politics #instapolitics #voteblue

Happy birthday to my little trans sibling, Kai! I am so proud of you and everything that you have been achieving and will do. You are brilliant, caring, insightful, and kind. I couldn’t have imagined that we would become so close after working on the #YESon3MA ad. We talk about everything from memes to gender affirming care. I love and appreciate how much you feel you can confide me and I’ll always be here for you, little sibling. Your nephew @likeariverflowssurely and I love you so much. #thisiswhattranslookslike

One year ago today, I had my gender affirming top surgery. Being free from breasts and binders has been incredible. There is so much I could say about top surgery, living as a nonbinary person, gender affirming health care, accessible and affordable health care, and the countless levels of intersectionality and privilege that go into all of this. All I can say is that I am so lucky to live in Massachusetts. I did have to pay a “surgeon’s fee,” but Medicaid paid for everything else, and I know this fee was pennies compared to what so many of siblings have to pay for their gender affirming medical care. If anything I will highlight two things: The first thing being the story of the first time I went shirtless in public (for the first time beyond changing a shirt— which I did for the first time marching with @masonjd and the Mass Trans Political Coalition at Pride, where I would meet @buenbiahe and @machromatic_ ). The first time I swam without a shirt was at Revere Beach when @crazy_life_of_kai , @hoooten, @Nic tis117 , and I shot Noctis’ scenes for our #YESon3MA: Trans Youth Share What Question Three Really Means ad. To have the support of Kai, Steph, Noctis, and Leah when I went shirtless in public for the first time was everything to me. To be with other trans folx, a wonderful mama bear, and a wonderful ally supporting me and building me up is a testament to the bond we have as a community and a family. I have the best community and family. Second, I know what a privilege it is that my state, Massachusetts, and our public health care system gave me the chance to truly have “this weight lifted off of me.” Thank you so much, everyone who took care of me post-op and who takes care of me every day, and everyone who is supporting the next gender affirming surgery in March. I am so fortunate to have you all. I love y’all so much. #nonbinary #nonbinarytopsurgery #topsurgery #topsurgerypostop #1yearpostop #oneyearpostop #transgender #trans #thisiswhattranslookslike #thisiswhatnonbinarylookslike #transisbeautiful

💜THE PETITION TO BUY GIRL SCOUT COOKIES FROM A WONDERFUL TRANS GIRL AND SUPPORT AN ORGANIZATION THAT EMPOWERS AND SUPPORTS TRANS GIRLS ALONGSIDE CIS GIRLS💜 **AVAILABLE ONLINE AND FOR SHIPMENTS** [Link in BIO] Please support our star from our #YESon3MA ad, posted by @lavernecox , Olivia! She and her mom started this troop a few months ago. Girl Scouts has been an incredible ally to the trans community, and they deserve your support so that they can continue to empower girls like Olivia, and so many other girls! Inclusive policies benefit trans and cis kids! Online stores are a thing this season if you’re not in Massachusetts or have ability or transportation restrictions! https://www.abcsmartcookies.com/#/shopify-landing/111ff16c-d064-40c5-bb80-1920332fc48b (bit.ly/oliviascookies) Original post from Olivia’s mom, Savannah: “BREAKING NEWS-- COOKIE SALES ARE ON!! 🎉 They are $5 a box and you can snack guilt-free knowing that you are helping support Olivia and the rest of my lovely Girl Scouts! You can order with cash, check, or use our brand new online system which is linked below. If you buy online, let me know how it goes as I haven't tested it yet. Feel free to share Livvy's link around to anyone you know! (And as always, you're welcone to donate directly to our troop at any time if cookies aren't your thing)” #girlscoutcookies #girlscoutcookieseason #onlinegirlscoutcookies #theperfectholidaygift #gorlscouts #transgirlsaregirls #transgirlscouts #transgendergirlsmatter #thiswhattranslookslike #transisbeautiful

Demonstrate, Drink, and Discuss: Celebrate Victories! We had a fabulous time celebrating Yes on 3 and enjoying delicious food and drinks at Warp and Weft! #solidaritylowell #lowell #lovelowell #likelowell #theresalottolike #theresalottolikeaboutlowell #demonstratedrinkanddiscuss #warpandweft #yeson3 #yeson3ma #transrightsarehumanrights

Happy birthday to one of my favorite trans nuggets, my #YESon3MA star, Olivia! One of the best things about being transgender is the family and community that you get to create with other transgender people, and I am so lucky to be part of yours. I love you so much, Livvy❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Sweetheart, since I met you and your family at Boston Pride when we were marching in the summer 2018 parade, I have had the privilege of watching how amazing you are. As you turn 7 today, you are already changing the world. You are already helping a lot of people. You’re kind-hearted, sweet, loving, and caring, beyond what most people grow to be in a lifetime. You are strong, bright, and YOU. I can’t believe I’ve really only known you all for about five months, because you all are family to me. You and I have already experienced so much, producing an ad about Question Three, meeting @lavernecox and winning such an important, historical civil rights vote. I will never forget your mom’s post the day after the midterm election recounting her conversation with you when she woke you up, that you were so happy and asking if you “helped a lot of people” when you guessed that she was in your room to tell you that we won. Your pure joy and your smile are exactly what we are fighting for when we fight for trans rights. You’re 7 years old and you know that everyone deserves to be happy. You want to help people and love them. You want them to be happy. Never forget how much you have done already. Never forget that you told a reporter that the best thing about you is that you are transgender. Trans is beautiful. #supporttranskids #happybirthday #happy7thbirthday #transisbeautiful #transkids #thisiswhattranslookslike

✊❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #yeson3MA

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