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There is only 137 days until Halloween everyone 👻 . . . . Scaredy pants sponge bob: @toofaced “Lady Balls” @nyxcosmetics “Vivid Bright Eyeliner” @nyxcosmetics “Mechanical Eye pencils” @loraccosmetics “Eye pencil” @covergirl “Matte lipstick” @catrice.us “Color correcting pencil” . . . #halloween2018 #halloween18 #2018halloween #spongebob #scaredypants #halloweenspongebob #mehron #mehronmakeup #mehrongirl #benefitclubpink

I feel like absolute crap today but this cheered me up. My awesome girlfriend preordered the new @trick_or_treat_studios Halloween 18 mask for me just because. This thing looks beastly and hopefully I can have it in time for the new movie coming out October 19th because I’m a loser like that. Thanks @d3bsnaps!!

It’s never to early to start planning for Halloween 🎃 www.thepartydoctor.com.au

Micheal is coming eeeek 🔪!! October cannot come sooner #halloween18#halloween#michealmyers#horror

Just found this beaut on my phone from January when I was trying out my Frank n Furter costume. Can’t wait to do the time warp again 😜 #Halloween18

Carpenter "considered the hiring of Curtis as the ultimate tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, who had given her mother, Janet Leigh, legendary status in his film Psycho." The movie playing while Laurie is babysitting is the 1951 film The Thing from Another World. What's interesting about this is that Carpenter went on to direct the remake  of the that movie in 1982. One of the most well known facts about this movie is that the filmmakers used a William ShatnerCaptain Kirk mask for Michael Meyers. What you may not know is that the first mask they wanted to use was a Don Post Emmett Kelly smiling clown mask that they put frizzy red hair on. This was an homage to how he killed his sister Judith in a clown costume. They tested it out and it appeared very demented and creepy. They went with the Shatner mask because it was emotionless, which made it more creepy. When they were shooting the scenes for the start of the film with Michael's point of view, they couldn't get the 6-year old child actor until the last day, so the movie's producer, Debra Hill, volunteered to be Michael for any scenes where his hands come into view. This is why the nails on young Michael's hands look so well manicured and varnished. Carpenter had a cameo in the movie as the voice of Annie's boyfriend, Paul, who we hear on the phone while talking to Annie. All of the actors wore their own clothes, since there was no money for a costume department. Curtis went to J.C. Penney for Laurie Strode's wardrobe. She spent less than one hundred dollars for the entire set. -GeekyTyrant.com Before hiring Rob Zombie to direct the Halloween remake, Dimension Films planned to make a prequel entitled Halloween: The Missing Years. Zombie originally wanted to make a prequel and a remake, but Dimension resisted, forcing him to combine these in a single film. HALLOWEEN 6 script-writer Daniel Farrands suggested the film be called ‘The Curse of Michael Myers’ due to the troubled production. -RueMorgue.com4 #Halloween #Halloween18

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