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Did you know today is Women’s Equality Day, honoring the anniversary of the 19th Amendment? We’ve been celebrating at the Swan Boats for the last few years, and we’re planning for the 100th anniversary in 2020! Learn more about the Women’s Suffrage Celebration Coalition of MA at suffrage100ma.org . . . . . . @suffrage100ma #Suffrage100ma #womensequalityday #19thamendment #registertovote #vote #thisiswhatafeministlookslike #thisiswhatdemocracylookslike #fightvotersuppression #suffrage #bostonswanboats

The Comedy Resistance-Texas thanks all the local activists who came out to our event this week and became certified deputy registrants! Our coalition of volunteers continues to grow in our ongoing voter registration drive. #FightVoterSuppression

The sham Election Fraud Commission is dead!!! #dumptrump #fightvotersuppression #malignantnarcissist

The sham Voters Fraud Commission is dead!!! #votingworx #fightvotersuppression #victory #protectyourrighttovote

Fannie Lou Hamer, #FreedomNow #sncc She didn't stop. I need to learn much more about this powerful woman. Goal for the new year. 💥 image from @mscivilrightsmuseum, #mscivilrightsmuseum #jacksonmississippi #Mississippi #fannielouhammer #civilrights #humanrights #votingrights #fightvotersuppression #keeponpushing #keepfighting #blackwomenlead #ShePersisted

Our current situation under the grip of an ongoing Russian intelligence operation puts every American in great peril from a national security perspective. That is in addition to the stress being placed daily on our democratic [lowercase d] institutions. This transcends race but that having been said, POC are at even greater risk because of the utter disdain and blatant racism and xenophobia exhibited by the GOP and the autocratic authoritarian treasonous compromised mentally deranged occupant of the Oval Office. We face an existential crisis that doesn’t appear to be close to resolution at this moment. #RESIST ✊🏼#trumprussiaconspiracy #GOPrussisconspiracy #restoretheVotingRightsActof1965 #fightvotersuppression cc @malcolm.x.nation

While we’re 😁thrilled about the victory of Democrat Doug Jones over Republican Roy Moore in Alabama’s December 12th special Senate election (thanks to black Alabama voters!), it was not all positive headlines coming out of Alabama that day. There were reports of 🗳voter suppression 😡, and it’s estimated that as many as 118,000 registered Alabama voters were unable to vote due to restrictive voter ID laws, which disproportionately and negatively impact black and Latino voters (who tend to vote Democrat). However, voter suppression isn’t just an issue in Alabama -- it’s a nationwide issue. Today’s #DailyRevolution is to fight back against voter suppression in your state. . Since the Constitution gives states the right to oversee federal elections, there are things we can do to address voter restrictions. As an individual, you can: . 1️⃣ Check this 2017 voting laws roundup from the @brennancenter to find out about voting restrictions and relevant legislation in your state. 2️⃣📞Contact your state legislators to oppose restrictive voting requirements, and voice your support for policies that improve voting access and voter education, such as no-fault absentee voting and early voting. 3️⃣Arm yourself with this number for the 2018 elections: 📲866-OUR-VOTE (@866ourvote). This Election Protection hotline, led by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under @lawyerscomm , will answer voter questions and respond to issues. Be sure to share this number on social media during your state’s primary/runoff elections, as well as the 2018 midterm elections. . 🤓Read more tips to fight voter suppression by subscribing to receive our daily posts or👇🏽🔗in bio). #votersuppression #aclu #fightvotersuppression #votersuppressionisreal #voterrights #voterrestrictions

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