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I’ve been talking to people about voting and the one thing that I hear most is - “I wish I could, but I am registered in another city.” May I be frank? That’s a lame excuse. If we can get on a flight for an impromptu vacation or take a train to participate in a drug fuelled music festival or faraway literature fest, there’s no excuse for not travelling back home to participate in a process that can only be enjoyed in a democracy. No meeting, no date, no deadline is as important. So. Please book your tickets today, and let’s vote. #democracyisaverb

Thursday night out on the town with our new mayor and @mikvachallenge. Civics for everybody! #democracyisaverb

Thank you at @mikvachallenge for teaching me that I deserve a seat at the table and for making sure that I always have one ♥️ #MikvaTurns20 #HappyBirthdayZoeMikva #MikvaAlumAndTeacher #democracyisaverb

Excited to have voted for Chicago’s first black woman mayor! (Whoever wins; both candidates are black women) #photooftheday #chicago #election #vote #voting #mayor #mayoralelection #2019 #democracy #democracyisaverb

Hey Illinois! Thanks to everyone who ran or campaigned to get more progressives in office! Thanks to those who helped get out the vote! Thanks to everyone who voted or plans to vote today! From school board to Village Trustee , city Council to Mayor, every election counts and local elections matter! Engaging and expanding the electorate gives our democracy a fighting chance. Show up and vote! 🗳#ILVOTE #Indivisible #democracyisaverb

It took all of 60 seconds to vote and I got this rad sticker! My district has been shaken by what seems to be blind and unproductive hatred for an educational institution (which also happens to be my alma mater and something of a second home and family to me). I was proud and excited to vote for people who believe in civility, discourse, and open conversations today and am hopeful for a brighter tomorrow where neighbors can disagree but find common ground. Go David!! #vote #democracyisaverb

@andrewgillum is right! Let’s make every election count including your very own local elections. 👉Illinois Consolidated Elections happen April 2. Candidates need your help getting to the finish line. Sign up with one that aligns with your values and get out the vote! Early voting is happening now! Make local elections a referendum on the current administration and let the effects ripple from your hometown all the way to the White House. When we fight we win! 🗳 #ILVOTE #DemocracyIsAVerb #lastWeekend https://twitter.com/andrewgillum/status/1110206684432134146?s=21

Oh hay, VERMONT: its voting day! #donutforget #democracyisaverb #ballotcalls print by @nikkimcclure

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