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Looking forward to sleep on top of a mountain more often. I just can't imagine something better than waking up to this view, how about you?

Early morning flight above lake Attersee 🚁 Whoever guesses how high above the lake this photo was taken wins a story shout out, lets go! 🙌🏻

Mountains in sight Loved the soft light and the calmness we had that evening at the lake...

One waterfall, endless possibilities! Fossa is with it's 140m the highest waterfall on the Faroe Islands and falls with 2, or maybe 3 cascades (check last picture) directly into the atlantic ocean.

Sunrise up high! Can you spot the tiny house at the lake down there? It's for sale, they said. It's very cheap, they said. It costs just a few (million) bucks, they said. 🙈

River reflection at it's best. Have you ever seen a river that calm? Btw this place is only 15mins from where i live 🤗