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~ What an amazing way to end a crazy competition season, it really has been hard this year without Ro and I wouldn’t have made it through without these girls and my teachers. I love them with my whole heart💕💕💕 ••• Lyrical got 2nd Overall, Jazz got 3rd Overall and Contemporary won the Senior Artistic Choreography award, I’ve never been more proud🎉🎉🎉

~ I had such an amazing birthday thanks to all of my wonderful friends and family, I can already tell 17 is going to be great 🎉🎉💕💕 ••• Also these photo’s are from awhile ago but I love them so enjoy😊😊

~ I had the best weekend in Logan thanks to my awesome friends and studio, I love all these girls so much and I’m so lucky to be able to dance with them every week💕💕

~ 5 day with Natalie was not long enough. I miss you so much already, come back soon❤️❤️

~ All I post about is dance but we killed it today at our first comp of the season. Jazz and Lyrical both got first Overall and Contemporary got first place😊😊💕💕

~ Turns out nothing can stop us from having a good Christmas recital❤️❤️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️