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life is a hologram. even the smallest moment contains eternity within it #berlin - meet the latest design drop by @fossil, the hologram watch, which was originally launched in the early ’90s. welcome back! videographer amazing @max_vaupel #fossilarchives #fossilcollectorsclub

escape the ground #tokyo - w/ @_7ysk7_

behind every closed door, there was a story to tell #tokyo

never imagined to spend a night inside of a piece of art #tokyo - this was my first time with @bnahotel, i found myself surrounded by a 360° mural produced by the aspiring artist collective @81bastards. the walls are covered with details of traditional japanese motifs featuring modern day elements and honoring the tradition and craftsmanship of the culture. #bnahotel #ad - photos w/ @_242424_

rain is what the thunder brings #tokyo #whpplayful

these colors in my mind that i don't see anymore #tokyo - thank you for the rooftop sessions @_7ysk7_. this city really got me and I can not wait to share my journey with you. have you been?