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“She’s prettier than me.” - “Her Instagram following is twice the size of mine.” - “She gets thousands of likes and I only get....” - “She’s already done xyz and I haven’t even.....” - “Maybe I’m just not meant to be successful like her.” - “My life is too boring for anyone to want to see my posts or follow me anyway.” - Oh the little thoughts we think when we scroll through social media and ride that comparison train 🚂 (get off it girl!) - Now... Let’s talk about how this actually destroys your self esteem, your happiness, your mindset.. shall I go on? - Comparison is a syndrome and we live on a full spectrum of inferiority. When feel like we aren’t good enough for what we want and we can’t have it, but someone else can, we stop going after our dreams because, we’ll, “they must have something I don’t." - The worst part? We let it affect us. - “Maybe I can’t really do this after all.” - “Maybe I’m not meant to...” - All because of someone else’s content that has absolutely nothing to do with you. - WHY ARE YOU LETTING IT KNOCK YOU OUT? - Some of us lose sight of our vision for years because we either don’t think we can have it or we think someone else doing it better than us is a sign we should quit. - Why does this happen to us? Because you think to yourself... “Someone else is doing something you can’t do.” - But is that really even true? - ASK YOURSELF OUT LOUD: is that even true? - You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found hidden within your daily routine 💛 - Release the limiting beliefs and become the person you’ve always dreamed of being! 📸 @keeleydamephotography - - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #nutritioneducator #iifymcoach #mentalhealthawareness #tampa #southtampa #hydeparkvillage #buddybrew #apostolicpentecostal #faithandfitness #christianbossbabe #entrepreneur #tampaentrepreneurs #lifecoach

At Home OR Gym Leg & Core Workout!🔥 SWIPE AND SAVE!✅ (Details are at the end of the caption). - After a lot of chirping about my recent “20 pound weight loss” post, I felt in my heart to share a little more. - About 8 months ago, I was in a car accident, Thank you Jesus it was nothing life threatening, but it truly has been life altering. - Since the accident I have yet to get under a squat rack again. I have yet to lift over 25 pounds. I’ve yet to do more than 5 minutes on the stair master... the list goes on. - I’ve gone through months of therapy and rehab and have only done majority body weight based movements. So my recent “weight loss” has been MUSCLE. - But tbh, I FEEL so much better. For years I chased this “more weight, more weight” mentality and it put a lot of size on my frame. - So next time don’t be so quick to judge someone for “looking skinny”..because I “look skinnier” because I’m not weightlifting 5-6 days a week anymore. - It doesn’t work for my body right now and I’m completely okay with that. HEALTH is always my first and foremost priority. - Heck, I’m only lifting 2x a week right now + 1 day of yoga simply because A. My body can’t handle anything more.. and B. That’s all my schedule allows. - BUT WHO CARES... it’s a season of life and I’m LOVING every learning minute of it! - Leg & Core Circuit 3x12 Walking Lunges Romanian Deadlifts (with plate or dumbbells) Bear Crawls (straight leg variation) Plank Crunches - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #athomeworkout #tampa #southtampa #tampafitness #iifymcoach #mentalhealthawareness #healthandwellnesscoach #onlinecoaching #chirstianfitness #faithandfitness #christianbossbabe #lifestylecoach #weightlossjourney

10 YEAR TRANSFORMATION! - Age: 18 👉🏼 28 Weight: 165 👉🏼 125 40 pounds DOWN‼️ Body fat: 33% 👉🏼 17% Size 11 👉🏼 Size 2 - These numbers are ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING TO ME🤯 but what’s EVEN crazier, is the amount of change in my HEART and my MIND. - The girl on the left.. dreamed of becoming the woman on the right one day. Little did she know what it would take to get there. - I’ve been OVERWEIGHT. I’ve been made fun of. I’ve LOST weight to only gain it all back. I’ve been through viscous binge eating cycles in the past. I’ve COMPETED in bodybuilding competitions. I’ve been JUDGED for “living” this lifestyle. I’ve been told I was DEPRESSED & needed to be put on medication. I’ve been told I’m not enough. I’ve been told to wear makeup. For years, I’ve TRIED AND TRIED AND TRIED to “FIT IN”. - And then I woke up.. that’s when I realized, I don’t ever want to fit in. I don’t ever want to be like YOU. I want to be LIKE ME. I want to be the WOMAN God intended me to BE. - I value every single bone and breathe in my body like it’s my last. - The secret? Education. Balance. Moderation. Consistency. Prayer. - My life is an open book.. and the BREAKTHROUGHS I’ve had recently are ones I refuse to keep quiet about any longer. God has given me this platform to do something great and that’s exactly what I tend to do. - Ladies, I’ve been in your shoes.. don’t ever let anyone stop you, from being you! We were ALL made to be great!🙌🏼 - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #10yearchallenge #10yeartransformation #christianfitness #faithandfitness #christianbossbabe #lifestylecoaching #tampa #tampafitness #southtampa #mentalhealthawareness #verobeach #iifymcoach #springchallenge #transphormation

SWIPE & SAVE for your next workout!‼️ Back & Chest 💪🏼 - I’ve only been lifting 3x a week, so I’ve been programming my workouts a little different lately! I haven’t trained back & chest together in a while and gosh was this a GOOD ONE!🔥 - Ladies! I’m telling you... DONT be afraid to train chest! - Training chest has been one of the keys to my training routine that has helped lean out my upper body, as well has helping correct my posture! - Warm Up Lat Pulldowns 3x15 - SS 3x12 Lat Press Downs Incline Push Ups - SS 3x10 Single Arm DB Rows DB Bench Press (alternating) - SS 3x10 Pull Ups Cable Flies - Make sure to tag me when you give this workout a whirl!😬🙌🏼 - - - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #backandchestday #backandchestworkout #tampa #tampafitness #southtampa #crunchhillsborough #faithandfitness #christianfitness #lifestylecoach #onlinelifecoach #iifymcoach #weightlossjourney

There’s a reason @drew_christian_ writes 99% of our programs for our clients.. The man knows how to program a killleerrrr workout!😅 - Today’s shoulder workout was no joke! - Swipe and SAVE it for later!💪🏼 - Machine Press 3x15 Rear Delt Machine Flies 3x15 Arnold Press 3x10 Lateral Raises 3x10 Clean and Press 3x10 Around the Worlds 3x12 DB Front Raises 3x12 - Workouts have been few and far in between recently and I’m COMPLETELY okay with it. I’ve been listening to my body more than ever and it feels SO good to just be so in tune with what my body needs. - The old Jenna use to obsess over missing workouts. I remember the days if I didn’t hit the gym a minimum of 5 days it’d wreck me. - Which to be honest.. I think is partly the reason I got myself in the pickle I’m in. I never use to take enough days off because I was SCARED of GAINING weight! - Little did I know I was OVER training, my cortisol levels were elevated, my back and hips were wrecked from not stretching enough, the list goes on.. I couldn’t lose weight for the life of me for the longesssst time. - But the second I took a step back, implemented MORE macros, started therapy, yoga, massages, ZERO CARDIO, and only 3 lifting days a week.. I’m now THE LOWEST WEIGHT IN MY LIFEEEEEEE! - Stay tuned for a physique update coming soon! I can NOT BELIEVE what the body is capable of when you truly TREAT IT RIGHT. Self care and EDUCATION are everything. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently! - We all deserve to become our BEST selves.. and I’m proud to say I’m finally HALF WAY THERE!🙌🏼 - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #faithandfitness #christianfitness #springchallenge #crunchfitness #apostolicpentecostal #mentalhealthawareness #lifecoach #businessmentor #iifym #tampa #southtampa #tampafitness

Good gosh, is it a GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE! - I’m seriously on cloud 9 today by God’s overwhelming amount of blessings!😭 - I can not WAIT to share some of the super exciting projects our team @dynamiclifestylesolutions is working on! - I truly feel a whole different LEVEL of FIRE inside of me!🔥 I just feel SO grateful today for the life that I’m living and every single one of YOU who find value in “following” it here on social media! - Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18✨ - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #tampa #southtampa #apostolicpentecostal #christianfitness #faithandfitness #christianbossbabe #iifym #lifecoach #businessmentor #tampa #southtampa #tampablogger #tampablogger #mentalhealthawareness #springchallenge #weightlossjourney