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The big reveal: the past two weeks of my huge 4000km across America has actually been on @contiki! We saved on all the driving and planning and left that all to them. . I was on the epic #southernadventure road trip which covered 11 states from LA to New Orleans. We had so much fun from exploring the epic landscapes of America and taking in all the culture and food along the way. . If you want to do this exact trip and see & do all the things we did #itchyrichyjoez you can! It is perfect for those who have always wanted to do a trip, but without the hassle and worry. . Check the link in my bio for the full itinerary. Save $100 by using my code USAROADTRIP.

The Grand Canyon.

I’ve enjoyed shooting with my @djiglobal Osmo Pocket! It’s come in clutch more than a few times and is really handy having a 3-axis gimbal in my pocket at all times. . This video was shot on the #osmopocket. Cheers to the legends @matjoez & @jakerichtravels for helping out. . If you have any questions about the Osmo Pocket drop them below and I’ll get back to you.

I’m pretty tired. I think I’ll go home now.

The valley of fire ft. @matjoez . One of the first stops on our US road trip. . This place was incredible. The scale, colour and geology felt like mars and was only a short drive from Las Vegas. Highly recommended - add it to your bucket list!

Edit how you felt when you took the photo. . This weeks @lightroom tutorial is about using your edit to reflect the mood you felt when you were took your photo. This is a strong way to preserve your precious memories. How we felt at any given time is often what stays with us the longest. . I remember my trip to Venice Italy, being warm with strong summer vacation vibes (and plenty of great food). I’ve used colour and warmth to try reflect that mood. . Check my story for a tutorial on how I edited this photo. . #AdobeInsiders #AdobePartner