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An early morning on a rainy day in Amboseli National Park was made very sweet by coming across this mama and her herd 🐘

Sunset in Tsavo East National Park - it easily earned a spot in the all-time top five best sunsets of my life

Every scar on his body told a story and quite honestly, I was transfixed by this guy.

Portrait of Joseph Manja, the chief’s son and honestly the owner of one of the most radiant smiles I have ever seen. We spent a short amount of time with Joseph and his fellow Maasai tribespeople - and aside from it obviously being an incredible experience, it also reminded me why I love working alongside journalists. Without @natklingcool ‘s thoughtful line of questioning, we might not have found out that the men of the tribe have regularly fought off lions in defending their village - and that they have the scars to prove it 💪🏾 Swipe along to see them!

Oh the stories this skin could tell... I’m fascinated by the matriarchal society of elephants, and was thrilled when this mama passed right in front of us, allowing me to catch this detail. It had been raining heavily in Amboseli National Park and the elephants were hard to come by, so this sighting was a treat 🐘

Moving on from Iceland, I’m thrilled to be able to share images from a shoot late last year in Kenya! This guy right here was having a snack in the Maasai Mara. I hope you like images of incredible animals in their natural habitat, because that’s what this feed is going to be for the next wee while. Massive thanks to @natklingcool @inkglobal and @dean_buckley for the beautiful commission, and heartfelt thanks to Alvin and Sammy from @papamusilisafaris who really were the best guides you could possibly imagine 🙌🏼