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So psyched to deejay a 40’s themed birthday party tonight !!!! #musicismylife

Powerful performance by Colombia’s icon, @juanes singing hit songs like La Camisa Negra, Fotografia, Volverte a Ver, a Dios le Pido, La Vida es un Ratico and Me Enamoras. De Colombia 🇨🇴 para el mundo! Well done! Let’s continue spreading good vibes! Listen to @globalgingaonkzsu Thursdays for your source of world music and event tickets🎵. #juanes #berkeley #musicacolombiana #bayarea #musicismyreligion #kzsu @globalgingaonkzsu #theuctheater #futuretbt #goodvibes #musiclovers #worldmusic, #bayareaevents

I normally don’t post career coaching tips, but this is good. You should always be ahead of your dreams so you can open the door for them 😊👀. #careercoaching

I could do it all again with the same excitement 🥳🥰🍾. #motherofthegroom

There are ~80 million photos shared on Instagram every day! I miss the old 📞 We couldn’t share photos, but love felt so close 🥰😔

Proud and excited to be a part of this team! #facebookmarketplace