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There are ~80 million photos shared on Instagram every day! I miss the old 📞 We couldn’t share photos, but love felt so close 🥰😔

Proud and excited to be a part of this team! #facebookmarketplace

Today’s program included @michaelbuble @ivanlinsoficial @fonsecamusic @juanes @bethcarvalhooficial @claramorenooficial and @celsofonseca As usual, it was a blast and thanks for all the calls! See you at the live events!

Memories with @jorgebenjoroficial #masquenada @jorgebenjoroficial

I asked and she said “yes!” So, on a road trip we went!#motheranddaughter

To all the daughters (and sons) who have the grace of becoming “mothers” to their mothers. May your embrace always be warm, your hands always be generous and your smile always be genuine. #happymothersday2019