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I think the correct term is.... Baby Fever??

I woke up to a notification this morning that I had an important “memory” in my pictures. As I opened my phone and saw the writing ... On This Day, May 21, 2018... with the picture above waiting for me, I became overwhelmed with emotion. This was one of my greatest and proudest “moments” in my life. I cannot believe it has already been a whole year since this happened. Since this day a year ago I got engaged, choreographed on sytycd for the first time, competed on another season of DWTS, went on a 3 month tour, and married the man of my dreams. My only reason for mentioning this is because I had a HUGE wake up call moment this morning. Until today I had truly forgotten about all of these big accomplishments for myself. I tend to forget about these tender/precious experiences that mean the world to me and get lost in my anxiety with the lingering question of... what’s next?? I had to check myself today and say, Wow. I am so blessed. I cannot believe this is my life. I am so grateful. Social media is awesome but also gives me serious anxiety and sometimes depression feeling like I’m never enough. What I’ve accomplished isn’t enough because someone else is constantly doing more. I hope that we (YOU + ME) never forget about these tender/precious moments in our life’s. Reflect on them. Embrace them. Celebrate them!! Don’t ever get lost in what more you need or should be doing. I’m ending today with a challenge for myself to move forward with a heart full of gratitude!! Xoxo, Jen

LOVE these babes with all my heart 💗 Can’t imagine this day without you by my side! . Also.... @adaripp calves are goals!!!! Keep swiping to see 🤩

Grateful for his patience while I figure out this competitive practice/dancing thing again 💃🏻

I will never forget the day Val and I took a road trip down to Palos Verdes to scout out our potential Wedding Venue. When we stepped onto the property of @terranearesort , we looked at each other with huge grins, and immediately knew that this was the magical place we had dreamed about having our wedding day. . When discussing our “must haves” for venues we both agreed that we wanted to be surrounded by water, have a stunning outside ceremony location and a gorgeous ballroom to hold an epic party, treat our family and friends to a romantic getaway, and the ambience of LOVE felt everywhere. We found all of that and SO much more during our Wedding Weekend at Terranea Resort. . I am forever grateful for these memories and will cherish them with my husband for eternity! . #weddingvenue #married #love #terraneawedding

Happy Mother’s Day to my momma. She has been my rock and light for as long as I can remember. I am so grateful for her faultless example of what a perfect mother and nurturer should be. I love you forever and always Tamara. Incredibly happy I could be here to celebrate you today ♥️ . . #mothersday #ilovemymom #happymothersday