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Which collection you prefer? Check out this amazing visualization by @anderalencar founder of @oficina3d specialized studio for architectural visualization based in #brazil , what's your opinion about his works ? @architects_need to be feature

What's your opinions about this house by @mvrdv ? sense of entrance in Casa Kwantes by MVRDV @mvrdv in Rotterdam. In addition the house has floor-to-ceiling curved windows and a floor plan that wraps around a mature olive tree.There is a quiet modernism at play with the singular use of fine brick and glass.... Photos by @ossipvanduivenbode ..... @architects_need

Swipe left and check it before fixing the glasses, which one look better? Parca des arts external staircase..... Project by @brasilarquitetura ....... Located in #Brazil ..... Photos by @lauro_rocha_fotografia @omanuelsa ........ @architects_need to be feature

#repost via @myuarchitects . FINALIST PROJECT by @myuarchitects ..... International Architecture Competition. COMMON RUINS. YAC- Young Architects Competitions. MOTHE CHANDENIERS - Les Trois-Moutiers, France. The parametric roof’s complex anatomical organization, the ruins, and the vegetation create a system that interweaves and combines in endless translucent reflections A collaborative architecture distributed in such a way that it grows organically and is able to swiftly adapt to environmental changes, resisting natural phenomena without a problem. #architects_need to be feature

An experimental builder office...... Atelier Kirkos designed by @studioardete ....... Photographed By @purneshdev ...... Located in #mohali #india ...... @architects_need to be feature

What do you think about this amazing house swipe left for more amazing shoots.....inspired by tado ando ? CRESCENT HOUSE A play of geography, geometry and light, the Crescent House is a singular, undulating sculpture that weaves through lush, coastal gardens and crescendoes with enchanting views across Sydney Harbour to Middle Head in the distance. Design by Matthew Woodward, Patrick Maitland, Nicholas Papas, John Deuchrass @mwoodward_architecture ...... Photos by Murray Fredericks Photography...... Located in Vaucluse, Sydney, Australia...... #architects_need