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Thanks to some of these studs, some who have been with me on this journey for awhile and some we just crossed paths, but to all of you guys im greatful for the additions you've brought to my life. @justin.lheureux @jeremielheureux and @willmaccarahan thanks for being amazing support, for being solid friends in my life in such a short time and heres to a future of laughs, great times, families helped and ever lasting experiences! @chase_lajeunesse , @yomezzer my boys ! So glad you got to come and experince this and now to see you grow and all the families we get to help together, and @christianrsmith_ well your an up and coming champ and pumped yo add you to my associations !! Keep crushing it. #squad #theboys #suits #champions #friendstofamily #myteam #businesscasual #financialfreedom #helpingfamilies #buildingpeople #banff #businessfamily #mypeople

Here's to the beautiful women who have help change and shape my life for the better.❀ Years ago i was stuck, unhappy, depressed with my surroundings and at what was one of the worst moments after losing my father and seeing financial struggles that happen i was given an opportunity. I wanted to make a difference in the world and not just occupy time in it, @tammapam @carinahelen_ , @linastadler thank you for your belief in me to allow me to now make that come true! Hard work blind faith in the right leadership and perseverance can build your best life and adding amazing people along the way will help retain that life and never look back. #businesscasual #suitsandsweetearts #bossbabes #cantstopwontstop #lovinglife #entrepreneurlife #dawsonscreek #buildingpeople #mypeople #mother #helpingfamilies

Little flex friday pic. Most that know me, know my love for food = my love for fitness. We all started somewhere and the biggest tip i can give you is just get started, learn some simple compound lifts and exercises. Learn what foods work for you and YOUR goals. Diets and fads dont work for everyone. Fitness is a lifestyle so trust the process and go kick some ass and build the best version of you. Health and wealth go hand in hand in every area, make it fun. Compete with who you were yesterday and just be consistently in love with it. #flexfriday #motivationalquotes #gymlife #startyourjourney #fitness #inked #followyourownpath #lovetheprocess #gymfamily #chestday #ilovecheesecake #growingslowly #newme #supporteachother

Your past cant grow but your future can!! So forget the past and make your future bigger. You hold the pen to write your own story and play the biggest part. Own your weird, you were born an original so stay that way and go fight for your family, future family. Freedom isnt free it takes hard work so lets get after it !! #motivationalquotes #positivevibes #ownyourfuture #futuregoals #growthmindset

Notice my smile, its naturally bigger now. I missed so much being a slave in the oilfied, missed birthdays, family events, graduations and simple time with my parents. Not no more i work my ass off day and night to climb my ladder to success and build my dreams. One of those dreams is to give my mother the best life she deserves and to make my father proud as he watches from above. This woman is my biggest fan and i will never let her down. Fight for yours β€πŸ‘Š Go Get your best life today and every day forward. Build your success society #driven #positivevibes #country #bestmotherever #myturntowin #familyfirst #motivation

This guy I've have the privilege to be around and watch him grow and I'm sit proud of you and to see all your hard work start to pay off !! Can't wait to build a big business with you and watch your life sky rocket πŸš€πŸ† For so many years I worked in the elements miserable with miserable people and now I get to grow into the best version of me and uplift those who seek maybe just a little bit better like chase. All in all just so thankful for the new associations and can't wait to help you reach all your goals and give back to your family!!!! #squadgoals #businessbrothers #movingforward #motivation #handsomemen #helpingfamilies #goalgetter